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  • Can I attend the event by myself?
    Of course! In fact, most of our attendees come alone, many are tourists that are getting to know the city and want to make new friends.
  • Can minors assist?
    Our events take place in bars and nightclubs, therefore the entry of minors is prohibited by the laws of each country.
  • Is there a minimum consumption in the event?
    We have several promotions during the language exchange for those who arrive early, on beers, cocktails and food. There is always a minimum consumption.
  • Do I have to buy tickets or pay to get in?
    Remember, our language exchange is free and the charge is given at a specific hour. Each venue has different cover, so check the city you're in: Cali: Cover from 9PM $20,000 pesos Panama City: Cover from 9PM 5USD Bogotá: Cover from 6PM $10,000, from 8PM $20,000 pesos Medellín: Cover from 8PM $20,000 pesos or from when the venue's capacity is complete (200 People)
  • Advertise with us!
    If you want your brand to have presence at our events and to be able to get your message across to our attendees and followers, you should contact our project managers in each city Cali: Megané P. +57 3217873673 Bogotá: Sara O. +57 3102875652 Medellín: Rafael A. +57 3054332667 Panama City: Mónica S +507 68784858
  • How can I join the work team?
    If you want to be part of the Gringo Tuesdays work team in your city, you can apply by filling out the following form where you can attach your CV.
  • What languages can be practised?
    Every Tuesday you will find groups of: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish. However, all languages are welcome and we´ll try to create groups and communities for them.
  • Is there a dress code?
    At Gringo Tuesdays we have an elegant casual dress code, get ready to have a great time with friends at a Night Club, avoid sportswear, sandals and follow these recommendations:
  • ¿Qué debo tener en cuenta para asistir?
    Además de la mejor actitud para pasarla bien, entender que es un intercambio cultural y de idiomas, en dónde todos tienen cabida y todos deben ser respetados. Si quieres tenerla clara, conoce nuestras GRINGO RULES
  • What are our opening hours?
    Each of our locations has a specific schedule. Check the route to make sure you arrive on time. Cali: Language exchange from 5PM to 9PM and International Party from 9PM to 3AM Bogotá: Language exchange from 4PM to 8PM and International Party from 9PM to 3AM Medellín: Language exchange from 4PM to 8:30PM and International Party from 9PM to 3AM Panama City: Language exchange from 5PM to 9PM and International Party from 9PM to 3AM
  • Can I take my pet with me?
    You can bring them to some of our venues, however, it’s not recommended, there's usually a lot of people and it's not an ideal environment for pets.
  • Can I make reservations and celebrations?
    Of course, to make your reservation you must contact our customer service line via WhatsApp: +57 313 236 4413 there they will confirm your reservation.
  • What´s the address of Gringo Tuesdays?
    Cali: Terrace Once Once, Av. 9 Nte #15AN-41. Granada Neighborhood, Cali Bogotá: Calle 85 No 11-53 Zona Rosa, Bogotá Medellín: Carrera 35 No 8A-39, Provenza, Poblado, Medellín Panama City: Casco Antiguo Calle 12 Este, between Av. Central and Av.B, Panama City.
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